I am known as Iesdi (or also known as SE-) and most people know me as the last moderator of
I was always into videomaking more then into gaming itself, so there were even moments in which I played a certain game only to release a video of it afterwards. I never really had a lot of viewers, but the nice comments from the few people that followed my works through the years always motivated me to keep going and do what I love. <3

video and image editing
As I mentioned, I am editing stuff since I remember myself. I started with creating forum signatures for fellow members, then I escalted to youtube profile backgrounds (yeah, when having a fancy youtube profile was cool as hell and people even payed to have a good one) and for the last few years I finally started using my video editing experience in a day job. Some of my childhood acomplishments are: Around January 2010 I already had more then 2000 pageviews on DeviantArt. Four months later - when I was 16 - I created the website background for DrakeDog's 9th movie - my first widely seen and noticed work. Around June 2011 I had over 40 000 image views on DeviantArt but I don't really keep it updated with my works nowadays - one of the reasons I decided to create this little page. :)
Some of my recent acomplishments are: In June 2015 I released Plafzy II - a World of Warcraft PvP movie, which has more than 300 000 views on It was the "top rated" and the "fame pick" movie for it's debut week and the "most viewed" movie on the website for 3 weeks in a row.

In the past I played various PC games (yes, I never owned any console), but World of Warcraft, the Need For Speed sequence and MU Online were my most played ones. I was in 3 Need For Speed teams in total, as the most successful one was SKTeam. I am rarely (if at all) playing World of Warcraft nowadays. I had my best gaming moments in that game, but the amount of entertainment delivered from WoW is not worth the time spent anymore.

At the moment I'm a member of the Korean gaming team Dark Wolves as a video editor and streamer. I was excited as a little kid waiting for Christmas regarding Blade & Soul, but realized I'm not 15 anymore, and I can't devote 15 hours a day for a grindy asian MMO. Another big disappointment was Need For Speed 2015. Game looked good, turned out to be simply bad.
At the moment I'm mostly chillin' in Overwatch and Forza Horizon 3 waiting for MXM and Mu Legend to come out - tasty looking future releases.
Expect more livestreams in the future, purely casual, of course. :)